Friday, May 25, 2018

Work and play.

Farm fun today. This is not just a fake pic, I actually used it to cut stuff down. I only killed it once too. Of course I handed it back to Jason as soon as my clipboard holding arm got tired LOL.

The kids are all starting to get big.

Well, except for Candy Crush my itty bitty.
Her quad brother is still huge. This is him and one of the quad sisters.
Him and Candy. He is a beast.
A lot of stuff cleared for burning...we were chainsawing and weed whacking fools.

My two newbies are unfolding and looking adorable.

Got distracted by this busy little bee.

Back to the goats.

The pups also got some new fun toys in the play pen today.

Always good to know where you are putting your paws down, never too early for some body awareness exercises.

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