Monday, May 14, 2018

Missed it again.

Cute puppy love today. Another beautiful day, the kiddos played with the pups...I love that our puppies get this early child socialization time. My littles are happy to oblige ;)

Pay no mind to the cloaked one, on an almost 80 degree day, Lily was channeling her inner Raven (for those Teen Titan fans out there) least the pups got to see a strange cloak and hooded figure so there is that LOL.

I don't think Bailey quite gets how you play hide and seek HAHA.

Brat. The girl I let loose from the kidding unit last week had quads today without me. She did great, even with that huge gold buckling that looks a week old...the smaller 3 are doelings. Good job Yahtzee! I missed her triplets birth last year hopefully I don't miss quints LOL.

A funny for today.... I may have to rethink having the kids help with laundry without sorting out adult clothes first.
Xander: What kind of underwear are these, and why are the buttcheeks missing, your butt will hang out? LMAO. 

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