Friday, June 12, 2009

Wow 11 months old

The babies are 11 months old today...they are growing so fast, their looks change almost daily :)

Lily bug over the last two days has started actually crawling and getting herself into the sitting position....she is even pulling up to stand sometimes!!!

We are in full party planning mode now, I have not been so arts & crafty since grade school. Invites are here and sooo cute, really hope we have a good turn out...I am putting so much into this. I am even doing themed food...this from someone who never steps foot in the kitchen LOL

Got a bunch of fun pics for you....

Little Lily crawling and clapping!

Some fun with Grandma!

Also Happy 29th Birthday to Jason, the babies got you a present....they each gave up one bottle per day :)

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Photogrl said...

Happy 11 months! :)