Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being a momma to a going to kill me.

Xander took a header today and within seconds sprouted his very first bruised goose egg on his forehead. Thankfully I have some great momma friends that kept me from totally panicking. Not 30min later he was back to climbing on stuff he shouldn't and trying to give me another heart attack. Thankfully it seems he is going to be just fine...we'll see just how ugly it is in the morning.

Lily is really making giving stuff to Hayden a habit, I fear Hayden is going to get a little too used to it. Today Hayden was sitting on her chair and Lily walked up and gave her a toy. Then she walked over to the toy bucket and picked another and brought it over to Hayden. She did this like 5 times and Hayden would just laugh as soon as Lily got half way to was really cute.

On a sad note, today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. How I wish there was no need for this day, way too many tiny Angels out there, huge HUGS to their momma's.

Some pics...
My poor little man...thank goodness we don't have any pro pictures set to be taken any time soon.
Looking a tad better, maybe, just before bed time.

This is the kind of crap that got him hurt in the first place...the boy thinks he is a monkey.

Hayden had a little laptop time.

She managed to slap enough buttons to start a movie of her brother, she thought it was so cool :)
She got comfy on the couch for her bed time bottle

Xan and the Bug were jealous LOL

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Photogrl said...

Poor little guy!

They are all getting SO big!