Thursday, October 8, 2009

That is not what it's like on TV.

We are a family of football lovers, we spend most Sunday's tuned in and all 5 of us really enjoy watching the games. The triplets all throw up the touchdown arms when we yell touchdown, clap, and get crazy when we do. It seems a real live game is going to take a little getting used to for them though. My nephew Ty started playing freshman football this year and we made it to a game today. Jason and I, and the trio, meet up with my brothers and sister in law and nephews. The trio did very well for the first half, well except Xan and Lily started crying when everyone started cheering too loud LOL. At halftime we went down to the field to let them walk off some energy, they got to play with a cute little pup...and had so much fun Hayden and Lily had meltdowns when it was time to go back to the bleachers. By the middle of the 3rd quarter we had to put them in their stroller and walk the track while trying to watch the game. The game couldn't get over fast enough...they were all losing it for the last 6min of the game. The game was good, my nephew didn't get to play at all...he was really bummed, way to let all the kids get a chance to play coach, but at least they won! The next game is Monday and we are going to try to make that one too.
Some pics from the day...

To start it off...The Bug woke up in such a great mood today, she tried out her tickling skills on Hayden :)

Here are some pics of Hayden petting Lily's head...this is what she does when we say "Hayden, be a nice girl to Lily" it is so adorable!

Ready for a nap before the game.

At the game...
Hanging on the bleachers

Halftime...thanks Uncle Scott for taking pics of the halftime show!

Ty #45 :)

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