Saturday, October 17, 2009

New toys are so much fun!

We took the trio to a giant consignment sale called Pass It On, it goes on for about 4 days and there is so much stuff it takes up an entire building. We found a couple great activity tables that we have been wanting for months, we also got a giant bag of these great blocks, and some Thanksgiving & Christmas dresses.

Hayden is getting close to running, she is getting her feet moving faster and is almost doing a prancing like motion. Lily has opened her giving nature to others besides Hayden, the last day or two Bug will bring us toy after toy after toy. She gets this huge smile and giggles as she gives us a toy and turns to go find another one to bring to us LOL

Jason and I got to get out by ourselves, Grandma watched the trio last night so Jason and I could go out to a friends Bday party, it was really nice to get out for a few hours.

Some pics of the trio having fun with their new toys. They love these tables! Lily Bug gets VERY into playing the piano, she bangs on the keys and throws her head back like she is putting on a show :)

Fun with the new blocks, they are all really cool, each one is different with different things inside. I had never seen blocks like these before. There are 77 of them....they are going to get everywhere LOL

A little toothbrush fun :)


E. Merritt said...

I also recently got these blocks at our Moms of Multiples sales- love them!

Photogrl said...

New toys are fun!

Miss O. had those blocks when she was little...loved them! I think she played with them until she was almost 5!