Monday, October 12, 2009

Where have the last 15 months gone?!

Today the trio are 15 months old, and we celebrated by going to another football game. Ty actually got to play this time, but the kiddos were not as impressed. They got bored much quicker and it was freezing. They did have some fun playing on the field but it didn't last long. We ended up having to leave towards the end of the 3rd quarter, I think next time we will leave the babies at home with Grandma and just go by ourselves. We had some funny times when we got home though. Hayden likes to walk up to us then turn around and back up the last few inches and sit on us, I was in the kitchen when I heard Jason say "careful when you're backing that thing look like you are parallel parking" LMAO!

Game time

Trio got bored and went to play in the dugout and on the other part of the field

B played a little football with the babies :) The empty bottle was a big hit...and it caused some fighting, pushing and biting between Xan and Hayden.
Here they go chasing down the fumbled bottle, Lily is like what's the big deal it's a bottle...and it's empty LOL.

Our big 15 month olds!!!

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