Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun at Grandma's

Jericho and I had a photo session scheduled for today, so Jason took the triplets over to Grandma's for a couple hours. Grandma and Pop Pop Randy got a new playset put up for the kids and the trio had a great time breaking it in.

Jason was nice enough to take a few pics for me.

We did some measuring of the kiddos today, I was getting curious and didn't want to wait for their 3 yr appt. in July. I guess we will see how close we are...per our measurements here at home...

Xander is 38 1/2" tall and 37lbs.

Hayden is 39 1/2" tall and 36 1/2lbs.

Lily is 38"tall and 34lbs.

Can't leave the little man out...Jericho is a whopping 17lbs and 25" !

Story time...today's funnies from home.

This morning Jason got the trio started on breakfast, then he grabbed Jericho and headed to the shower with him. On his way to the bathroom he asked the kids to please not make a mess. Yeah cuz that works. When he got out of the shower like 8 min later I heard him say "Hey I told you guys not to make a mess"....Lily pipes up "Your right, I'm sorry Daddy" hahahaha.

Tonight at bed time Jason went to fill up their sippy's with water. Xander, who is usually not picky at all, was given a pink cup...he took one look at it then threw it out of his crib and said "no pink."

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