Saturday, April 2, 2011

You know it's a stupid question

when you have to repeat it more than twice. Xander loves to take his sippy lids off, sometimes he tries hard to drink from an open cup without making a mess, and often succeeds. Other times he pours his drink out on purpose and proceeds to make a mess. Tonight was a mess making mission, and I feel stupid for asking him 3 times why he spilled his I was expecting a good answer. Maybe if he had said "well mother you see you were in the other room on the couch feeding Jericho so I took it upon myself to entertain my sisters," I would have handed him the gallon of milk and told him to carry on. He did not say that though, he didn't say anything...just stared at me with a look of "I dunno" on his adorable face. So he did not get to keep entertaining his sisters with his milk masterpiece, he got some paper towels and helped me clean up his mess. I think the kids are giving us a sneak peak at what the 3's are going to be like, and it don't look good. The last week to 10 days Xander and Hayden have really been in fine form...seriously someone should call the waaaambulance up in here. I used to be praying for 3 to get here, then I heard 3 is just as bad, if not worse than, 2 and to hold out for now I am closing my eyes and dreaming of 4 LOL. It's all good though, wouldn't trade it for anything! Don't call CPS, he did this to himself, but I liked it LOL! They had a cute snooze. My girls doing their own special version of jumping jacks, they are going to love doing some snow angels hehehe. Jericho is starting to play with the toys on his swing seat...well bat at them at least. We also are going on a month of him being in a co-sleeper next to the bed instead of in the bed with us. Though some nights after a middle of the night feeding he doesn't make it back to the co-sleeper.

Grandma came by today and brought the trio their first pair of sunglasses. They loved them, all they could talk about was wearing them to the beach. I can't wait for summer to get here! Xander of course had broken his by bed time LOL.

Check out my shades dude :)

My Diva's! I kept telling Hayden she was a rock star, she started calling herself a rock star...then went and got her toy guitar and rocked out for me and Grandma.

I got 4 new blog books done, now the trio's first two years have been made into 6 really awesome books!


Samantha said...

Those books are really great. Can I ask how much each book was? I am trying to find time to turn mine into a book.

TripMomma said...

Thanks! I love having them, blurb is pretty user friendly too. Price depends on the size of the book. My biggest book so far is 220 pages and it was $65, I have some smaller that were $40-$50 ea.