Friday, April 15, 2011

A watched dye tablet never disolves.

We decided to let the trio try their hands at dying Easter eggs this year. We did half "vibrant" colors using vinegar, and half "pastel" using water. I'll tell you now just use the vinegar, the colors are not that different and the dye tab disolves right away in the vinegar. It was fun and, as we figured, messy...though we didn't think the first spill would take place not even one min in LOL. Xander spilled a cup right away, and Lily spilled one a little bit later, Hayden over flowed a couple cups by putting her whole hand in with the egg. Over all though it went off really well. We used 18 eggs, 12 cups and 2 dye kits.

Once the eggs were colored the kids put stickers all over them too.

Jericho got in on the action too.

Not long into the sticker process Xander broke an egg and thus discovered they are edible.

Of course the girls we no longer satisfied with putting stickers on anymore they wanted to eat one too.

Xander and Hayden loved their, Lily took one bite and was done. Not a fan I guess LOL.

Silly guys :)

The eggs...minus the ones that had already gotten demolished.

Jericho has now found his thumb...4 for 4 LOL.

He also has two little tooth buds already, his bottom two front teeth. He is only 3 1/2 months...WTH?!?! Daddy bought him his very first teething toy.

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