Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting serious about tummy time.

Jericho is ready for more space to perfect his rolling and to work on crawling. We put the foam padded letters that we had when the triplets were babies in storage a couple years ago. I asked Jason to pull it out for Jericho. He brought it in for me to set up....may I just ask why does my hubby think there is no need to inspect stuff being pulled out of the shed before giving it to the children?! He brought the bag in and was like here...I gave him the side eye which conveyed a message of are you really just plopping that down there. This is how that convo went, "You are going to check that for bugs first right?" "What it's in a plastic bag." "Yeah the one with a hole in it." "What hole?" "The giant gaping hole right there that a tarantula could fit through." Sheesh. Thankfully he looked through it for me and there were no tarantulas LOL.

Earlier today we took the kids to play a little at a little indoor play area. Hayden was feeling a bit better today, not 100% but they were all restless and needed to get out.

After breakfast this morning...yeah they got a bath. Xander had used milk for hair gel LOL

Hayden NOT happy about getting a bath.

Jericho very happy after his shower.

They played for about 2 hours and napped very well after...I love nap time, I so do not want to see it go.

Xander thinks he just went 8 seconds LOL

The girls enjoyed their horsey rides.

Jericho got his first ride too.

Everyone can play on all the equipment so well now...lil monkeys.

Hands at 10 and 2 buddy!

Hayden wanted us to win her some toys...she was SOL hehehe.

After naps the trio wore Orange for Owen. Owen passed away a few days ago, he was 6 months old. He was part of a set of triplet boys and had an older brother also. His family selflessly donated his organs, what an amazing gift that little warrior gave to others. Thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Baby boy enjoying his new mat.

He was already working on getting his knees under him...this little guy is in a big hurry.

The triplets loved the mat even more than Jericho.

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