Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy 31st Babe!

We had a small shin dig to celebrate Jason's birthday today. Our friends Nick & Lisa and their 13 month old Kenize came over, Dina and her "Irish triplets" 6 year old Tristan, 5 year old Jordan and 4 year old Natalia, Grandma and Pop Pop Randy too. The triplets had a blast playing with all the kids, our yard has never had so much was wonderful! I think once again Dina's boys were teaching Xander some bad habits, as they jumped out of their moving swings he was eagerly taking notes LOL.

Birthday boy and his momma.

Fun out in the back yard!

Grandma and Pop Pop Randy gave us an awesome set of patio furniture for Jason's Bday. The kids all enjoyed the boxes LOL.

While some of our guests enjoyed putting the new stuff together. That's right come party at our house and you will be put to work.

6 kids in a's like a 6 pack :)

I think it may be a mother of multiples thing, but I am obsessed with trying to get my kids in birth order for photos. It doesn't always work, but I almost always try. So when I saw Dina's trio in birth order I had to snap this pic hahaha.

Jericho was macking on Kenzie...seems he likes an older woman, though he is pretty close to her size LOL. Oh and my quickly growing boy had teeth #'s 5 and 6 pop through yesterday. Goodness, he is only 5 1/2 months old!

It started sprinkling on us just as dinner was ready, of course, so we headed inside.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Jason cut his cake :)

Nick, Lisa and Kenzi brought over an early Bday gift for the triplets...and the kids are so happy they did! They LOVE this picnic table...thanks guys!

Didn't take Xan long to start table someone else's flip flops no less hehehe.

Xander, Hayden and Lily...and Jericho then happily gave their Dad the cards they made for him :)

The trio loved pointing out their hand prints, and Jericho's footprint, the sprinkle hearts and every other part that they had a hand in :) They were so proud!

The new stuff set up out side...we love it. Thanks everyone for coming and making the afternoon so much fun!

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