Monday, August 29, 2011

Big kid beds...hold me.

We had hoped to take the kids to the Fair today, but Xander forced us into another direction.
I knew it was the beginning of the end when Xander broke the 3rd and final crib tent, just a little over 3 weeks ago. This morning he jumped out of his crib and opened their door and started playing in the living room. Jason and I were awake but still laying in bed talking. I heard something and told Jason that I thought Xander was out of the bedroom. Sure enough the lil turd greeted Jason with a "Hi Daddy" when Jason walked out to investigate. So even though we wanted to hold off another 6 months if possible, we went to work rearranging their room and turned their cribs into beds. I cried a couple times...not 100% sure if it was because my little babies are growing up so fast, or if it was out of fear we would be saying goodbye to our wonderful bed and nap time sleepers.
Lots of work in progress pics.

The girls were kept busy with a movie, but Xander and Jericho wanted to help.
The start, Xan already testing out Lily's barless bed :)

So helpful LOL

Jericho too.

Xander went to test out his own bed.

Xander's side done.

The girl's side.

We cleaned out everything we thought they could possibly mess with or tear up, we also locked the closet doors so they can't get in there and trash their clothes.

We called the girls in to show them what we had done, we weren't too sure if they would like the change. All three of them went nuts, they LOVE their big kid beds! Lily and Hayden kept hugging our legs and telling us "thank you"...Lily added "it's so beautiful" and "it's so nice and cozy" LOL.

Lots of jumping on and off each others beds.

The only things we left in their room were the radio and baby monitor...didn't take long for them to find em...I just hope messing with them wears off, soon.

We had a lot of pigpiles too hehehe.

We had to hide their rugs under their beds until we get some sticky something to keep them from sliding. Xander already went down twice because he was running and they slipped out from under him.

They had fun in their room for the rest of the day...lots of playing and happy screams, it was making us a little worried for bed time.

It may be a first night fluke, we will have to see, but they went to bed with no problem at all...though they did crank up their music way too loud. They didn't even try to get out of their room, we will be locking their door to make sure they stay in there...and safe (makes me too nervous to have them out roaming the house while we sleep,) but they didn't try the knob at all.

We went in about an hour after putting them down just to check on them. Everyone was out cold, and in their own beds, we were wondering if any of them would be sleeping with someone else.

Xander and Hayden's beds have no rail, and Hayden was pretty close to the edge. We planned to go back in before we headed to bed and move her back against the wall.

We were too late. When we went back a couple hours later Hayden was on the floor, she didn't make a peep when she's not a far fall so I am guessing she didn't even wake up.

Jason picked her up and put her back without even waking her :)

I gotta say it wasn't as bad as I have feared it would be for the last year...but before I declare it a success we need to make sure the first night wasn't just beginners luck!

I had to throw this pic in...Jericho was nursing on the boob and his toe at the same time LOL. It was actually nice, he has started snapping my tank straps while he eats...which is very annoying, so I was happy he was busy with his foot.

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Christine said...

Audrey really likes being able to get in and out of her own bed. It gives her some freedom. And when she's tired on her own, she goes to lay down without needing help.

And she does surprisingly well at not getting out of bed when she doesn't want to go to sleep.

Lay down the law, let them know it's bed time and they'll adjust nicely.