Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weddings are such joy!*

Today was a big day, my younger sister Allie tied the knot! We have been very excited for this...Hayden and Lily have been even more excited if that is possible LOL.
The first stop of the day was taking the girls to get their hair did. This was a first for them, Haddie wasn't too thrilled, but Bug adored every single second of it :)
Their hair turned out so cute!

The boys didn't get anything done to their hair, which at first bugged Xander...but playing a video game made him feel lots better. My soon to be brother in laws boys have introduced my eldest son to video games...we may never see him again Hahaha.

Lovely Lily!

My sister Kimmie with her baby Braydon.
We had so much fun hanging out...and enjoyed a couple cocktails too.

I love my beautiful sister!

We checked in on the bride, Allie and my little flower girl niece, were having a fabulous time.
Then the brides awesome sisters brought her a shot of something yummy...we so rock :)
My boys and Kimmie's boys...too much cuteness for one photo!

Trent...soon to be brother in law, not looking nervous at all.

Rick and Scott, bro them.
Had to take a couple shots of this guy...cute roadrunner.

Rick, Kimmie, me and Scott...all dressed up and looking fabulous Hehehe.

Sister photo bomb.

Pouty Lily...what's wrong pumpkin pie?

Miss Hailee was very excited for the wedding too.

It was a pretty spot, and a glorious day!

Jericho had to check out the view LOL.

The bride and her party.

Miss Rowan Olivia...little beauty.

I do...

Time to get our groove on...the kiddos started dancing right away LOL.

Some family photos.

Lovely...Big Al :)

Sisters....I hope the pro got some great shots.

Scott and Allie.

My Daddy's girl was feeling like being cuddly with Momma tonight.

I'd like to introduce the Buttertons LOL.

Ready to rock!

Lets get this party started!!
Our pretty table.

There was no need to tell the kids to get dancing twice.

Party animals :)

The cousins were all so adorable!

My 13 year old nephew, Christian, sang a song to the bride and groom :) Check out the little red head...she was totally enamored Hehehe.

Jericho was a real ladies man Hehehe.

Mmmm cake time! Hahaha great pic :)
The bride...getting a little pooped.

Auntie Kimmie is so much fun!

I wish this one wasn't blurry...haven't quite got pictures on the move down with my new camera yet.

Things are getting crazy up in here...that Dentist crowd can partay let me tell you.

I kid you not this was the last picture I took of the night. We were leaving, Jericho put on my sunglasses and declared this party rocked  \m/  LOL
It was a great day, beautiful wedding...and I wish you guys nothing but peace, love and joy.


Wendy said...

You are freaking gorgeous, Katrina. Damn. That dress looked awesome on you! You were totally right about the color :)

TripMomma said...

Why thank are very kind! I really did like the dress a lot...I am glad the color was a sandy brown and not too light.XOXO