Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fashion, artists and old movies.

The kids have been driving us crazy for a ride in the new truck. So today Jason let them hope in and he took them for a couple slow spins around our cul de sac....doesn't seem like much, but it did the trick LOL. We need to get 3 boosters in here....then the trio at least will be free to ride with Dad any time.

I still haven't driven it yet, but Jason totally loves it.

It seems Xander has been bitten by the fashion bug. He came out of his room like this today, then proceeded to tell me how he created his ensemble.

This is 2 pirate bandanna's one he has tied around his waist, the second is tied around his back, then he poked a hole in the top and put a pipe cleaner through it to tie it around his neck. He asked me if he looked nice, I tried not to laugh when I said yes.

After his sisters planted the seed that the outfit looks like a girls shirt he came to me and asked if it is a boy or girl shirt. I had to come clean and tell him it does look more like a girls shirt, he didn't seem too broken up about it LOL.

Funny kid.

Speaking of funny kids...Hayden and Lily are now in love with a new movie. Anyone care to guess which movie? They drew these pictures totally by themselves without us even knowing. Hayden did the one on the right...pretty awesome I thought. You may be wondering what Lily's picture is. Well there is a part in Despicable Me where the minion's are photo copying their bare butts...yup she drew some photocopied butt cheeks LMAO!!!!

Later we got Xan out of his fashion creation and headed to the park for a little bit.

Jericho trying out bigger monkey bars, he isn't making all the way across this set yet.

A little berry picking on the way home.

The kiddos got to watch The NeverEnding Story today. It wasn't a huge hit, but they seemed to enjoy it. It has been a slow process trying to introduce them to live action movies instead of animated movies....they are getting there.

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