Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ready to blow some stuff up!

It looks much better in here now, I still want to paint the futon white and get a different desk set up...but for now it is done, and a big improvement.

Jason got our firework stash out today to make sure we're covered. Yeah, I would say we will be fine tomorrow.

I think he went a little nuts...thankfully I had 3 groupons and 1 perks that helped.

Going to be a lot of fun...Gangster will be heavily medicated LOL.

Not too shabby for $120, this is probably close to $230 worth of explosives :)

Kid funny...I had a very in depth conversation with the girls today about the birds and the bees. I tried to be honest and factual, thought the text bookness would bore them and throw them off their game of make Mommy squirm. No, they kept asking more and more questions, and were really specific. Thankfully I managed to stall just enough on "how the sperm gets in your body to meet the egg" seems as I was deciding between 'The Sperm Fairy' and 'Well honey a man has this....' the stall tactic worked, Hayden got tired of waiting and just piped up with "Wow Mom, you sure do know everything." Then off they went. Oh I'm not ready for all that LOL.

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