Saturday, July 12, 2014

Six years of fun and laughter!

Our amazing triplets turned SIX today, it is so hard to believe 6 years ago we got to meet these wonderful people for the first time. Our lives have been blessed more than I can express.

 My little pirates! Thanks again Uncle Trent for the awesome shirts!

We did a little makeup like we did the year we were all pirates for Halloween two years ago.

My precious babies...that aren't really babies anymore.

Love our silly trio, and our 4th amigo.

The party set up, and food. Our pirate ship watermelon fruit bowl turned out pretty good, as did the octopus dips.

Fish & Chips...and Polly's Crackers. Thank goodness for these, Jericho ate his weight in them and the fruit LOL.

Crock pots with Cannon Balls and Salty Sea Dogs.

It turned out pretty great...and I am SO glad we got most of the decorating done yesterday. We were still up pretty late last night, and rushing around a bit this morning, but in all it was a fairly stress free party.

The sign to the bathroom LOL.

'X' marks the spot.

The outside decorations turned out cute too...even if our Pirate Beware banner kept wanting to fall down.

We ended up with 6 flags in each tin...along with rocks to keep them from falling over.
Ready...lets get this party started!

Friends started arriving right on time, the kiddos were so excited to see everyone.

We had pirate bandanna's and eye patches for everyone...those that participated got extra cool points :)

Everyone found shade and stayed pretty comfortable on this gorgeous 93 degree day.

All the kids wanted in the pool right off.

My littlest pirate cutie.

We ended up with about 62 people, which was about a dozen short of what we planned for. Our parties are always huge, we have so many amazing friends...that we don't get to see enough, so this is kind of a good way to get everyone together and have a little fun.

Beautiful day, the pool was popping!

Last nights pool session with Grandma was a big Haddie was right off the steps and in the water.

Lots of shade to sit in and chat.

The cake survived the trip to Grandmas and the walk out to the party, whew. I got some candy jewelry and gold stuffed in and even got some oohs and ahhs LOL.

Happy Birthday Xander, Hayden and Lily...we love you so much!

Pinata time!

The birthday kids got 3 whacks at it each.

This thing was tougher than it looked.

After the Trio's turn, we went shortest to tallest.

Kenzie gave it 3 good whacks.

Miss Natalia is stronger than she looks. Not only can she do like 3 one-armed push-ups (for real...coolest thing I ever saw)...but check out that batting form. I am surprised, but even her monster hits did not break the pinata.

Hailee did the most damage.

Between Hailee landing a couple good blows and the plastic piece used to hang it breaking it was just about done Jason finished it off and toss the candy into the air.

Next it was gift time. We have so many generous kiddos are very lucky to have such a fantastic village around them. Thank you everyone!

Little brother did a great job of "helping" without getting too pushy.

They got a ton of awesome felt like it too forever to get through it all.

Nice job on taking pictures babe LOL.

One of Dad's fave gifts, Xanders new Seahawks shirt.

It was a long wait for the other kids to sit through this...when all they wanted was to get back in the pool LOL. Cousin Hailee is ready to swim more.

Jericho did such a great job not getting to open any of the trio's gifts. Jason and I got him a little gift and so did his Great Grandpa, he earned them :)

Jason and I got the girls these adorable My Little Pony sweatshirts, can't wait for it to cool off enough for the girls to wear them LOL.

Thanks again, you are all too kind!

Gangster came with us to the party, we planned to stay through dinner and didn't want to leave him home alone all day on such a hot day. Little did we know we wouldn't leave Grandma's until 10pm LOL...looong day! He spent most of the party chilling in the garage until the crowd thinned and having a big dog running around wasn't going to be such a pain.

He enjoyed himself.
The pool antics continued.

Hayden moved up to coming off the sides of the pool to swimming around with a noodle and Grandma.

Jason strained every muscle tossing Tristan and Jordan around in the pool :)

Tali and Bug checking out some of the gifts.

Cutie pie Laila.

Next Hayden was cruising the pool by herself with the noodle.

Looking good Miss Hayden Cheyenne!

Lily Bug and Auntie Stacie :) They were so happy that she made it up for their party!

Gangster was a slight pain...his manners need a little refresher course.

The brothers united to try and push cousin B in...didn't happen LOL.

Silly boy!

Jericho had a blast, the trio had a blast...we hope our guests did too. Thanks for celebrating with us!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to the crew!! Awesome party!!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday, kiddos!! Is it weird to say they look really good in eye liner? :*)

TripMomma said...

Thanks guys!

I agree Wendy :) I can't wait for the girls to need makeup again for some dress up's fun.

And Xan totally had a Jack Sparrow thing going on LOL.