Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Twelve days and counting.

July is here, and that means the triplets birthday party is in just 12 days. The kiddos helped me make some food labels today, well they did the thumb print parts anyway.

Got a little carried away with the dots.

Good, semi clean, fun!

Then I turned them into skull and crossbones.

Colored some other pirate decorations while the paint dried.

A little hot glue and some kabob skewers and they are done!

They turned out pretty cool :)
Jason found a piece of cardboard to be the back of the TV stand that I repainted for the craft room...the finger prints gave me an idea.
Finally done...we had a couple work stoppages due to running out of paint, so it took a lot longer than planned but it looks pretty great! Pictures of the craft room put together coming tomorrow.

The kids and I watched The Parent Trap, the Lohan version...she was such a cute, sweet, NORMAL kid back then LOL. It was the kiddos first time seeing it. Hayden and Xander really dug it, Lily and Jericho lost interest pretty quickly. We had to try the peanut butter and Oreo's for ourselves. Not too shabby :)

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