Saturday, September 20, 2014

Road trip with the boys.

I spent a good 4 hours in the car today, with my friend Dina her son Jordan, and Xan and Jericho...surprisingly we survived LOL. Actually the boys were really good, and the road trip was not bad. My friend has been wanting a protection dog for a while now, I stumbled upon the Dutch Shepherd and told her she should check them out. I think she is sold...even if she is not I am LOL. I have history with German Shepherds, my mom used to show and raise them back before I was born, I got into the show world in my teens and early twenties. It is just too hard to find a healthy, stable and sound (mind and body) German Shepherd these days, which kills me to say as I do adore them. When I started researching the Dutchie's I loved what I was reading, they sounded like the old German know before people ruined them with poor breeding. I am even more in love after meeting 5 or 6 of them in person today. It is our hope, and plan, to surprise the kiddos with a Dutchie puppy on Christmas morning! Now to just keep it quiet, and to keep dissuading them when they ask for a puppy...they miss G so much, they miss having that friendship. We had planned to get a puppy next summer, sometimes having a youngin' around can put a zip back in an old dogs step., we thought Gangster would like to have a friend again...he really hated being alone. We never made it that far of course. I have had dogs my entire life. I really feel safer with a dog in the house...we of course love and will never forget G, but we are a family that has to have a dog. I feel naked. Lucky this breeder has a litter due in a month, so timing for Christmas should be perfect!

They were great with the kids, I never felt unsafe for a second with these dogs...who are highly trained in protection, bite work, obedience and tracking. They were like big teddy bears...every single one we met.
This is an 11 month old named Navarre, Dina is thinking of taking him home...I LOVED him.

I think they are so beautiful with their dark brindle coats.

He loved playing. The Dutch Shepherd reminds me of a cross between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois. They are perfect for what I want, a family dog that has a natural protective instinct, their health is much better than the German Shepherds, they have great minds...they love to work, but have an off switch. I can't wait to bring our little girl home!

Navarre has started some training, he looks like a fun one.


He is so cute!

Now I really want Christmas to hurry up!!!

The girls got to stay the night with Natalia...they didn't mind not going on the road trip, they had better things to do LOL.

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