Thursday, September 4, 2014

This little piggy got painted.

When Auntie Allie was in town she brought the girls some awesome new nail polish. Today we had a little painting party at home. Don't mind the crypt was a no make-up day Hehehe.

These ones turned out silly.

Girls first.

I let the girls help me, they still need a lot more practice LOL.

My boys wanted to get their toes painted too. Thankfully Auntie gave the girls blue and green, along with all the pinks and purples. Good thinking Big Al :)

I give Jericho 10 minutes before his is back would be less if this stuff didn't dry so fast.

All done!

Tonight is the NFL's opening night, our champs get to take on...and I am guessing whoop ass against...Green Bay. So Xan and I decided to go with Seahawk colors!

Jason got home in time to put his flag out for the big game.

Xander was very eager to help his Dad, he even told me they were having "boy time" LOL too cute.

Looks good...hopefully it is good luck!
I missed the first half hour of the game, I was busy having some Mom time...alone, quite, and peaceful. Of course there were small needles involved but they aren't that bad.

More enhancing my calm I look calm? I felt calm...I actually fell asleep LOL.

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