Monday, September 29, 2014

Sisters rock.

Hayden's removable expander was ready today, I tried to tell her this would be no big deal but she was a little worried and wanted Lily to come for support.
They killed a little time in the waiting room building with blocks.

Lily Bug for sure lightened the mood.

Silly girls.

There it is, looks like a should be much more comfortable than the last one. She will wear it at all times, save for when she eats and brushes. I hope she can be done with it before Christmas, but it is super easy and other than making her sound funny it doesn't bother her, so as long as it does its job I don't really care how long it takes.
Hayden has this habit of being a lot less brave when she has her Dad or her siblings with her...for me she can buck up, but if anyone else is with us all of a sudden she is a bit of a wuss. She reached out her hand to Lily and started getting tears in her eyes as soon as the chair leaned back. The retainer thing just pops in, there was no need for the dramatics.

But the girls do have a special and very sweet sister bond, that was heartwarming to witness.

After lunch we did a little shopping. The trio's first ever school picture day is in a couple days, so the kiddos needed new outfits to wear. I hope the photos turn out, we picked just a small package and they were $11.00 per kid.

After dinner it was homework time, the girls did a good job...Xan was being lazy and did a lot of whining this time.

Jericho had fun entertaining himself while the bigs did their homework LOL.

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Heidi said...

Awww, the girls melt my heart! B-man loved his frog boots but we never had ladybugs. He still loves his water boots and will wear them at any time.