Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Batman party in the works!

I need to get a start on Jericho's 4th...oh my gosh what?!...Bday party. With Thanksgiving and then Christmas, a New Year's Eve birthday can sneak up on you. I asked Jericho yesterday what kind of party he wanted, theme wise, we are having this one at a big inflatable jumping place. He wasn't too sure what he wanted so I tossed out some suggestions, he zeroed in on Batman about 2 seconds after I said it. Batman it is!
This morning I had a brilliant idea for a cute invitation picture, it actually worked out pretty well, despite my limited face painting skills. My wee little cute!

I only spent about 5 minutes snapping pictures, so I was happy to get the couple of good ones that I got.

This one ended up the he not the cutest little superhero ever?!?! I love his beautiful hazel eyes.

Of course big brother wanted his face painted too, then wanted it washed off 3 minutes later...I kid you not.

The invite I slapped together in 5 minutes turned out nice too.

My littlest superhero needed a cat nap today...har har har, see what I did there ;)

So sweet.

Our neighbor, "Katie Lady" as the kiddos call here, was having her nephews over tonight for a movie night. She came over and invited Xander to join them. He was super excited...and had a blast!

What do you do when one of your four amigos gets to go somewhere and the others are upset because they couldn't? You have a late night snack and movie night yourself LOL.

Haddie was pretty proud of this...she worked on it, by herself, off and on all day. Finally done! Nice job Hayden!


Wendy said...

super cute Batman!!! Great job getting the catchlights in his eyes ")

TripMomma said...

Thanks Wendy!