Sunday, November 23, 2014

It is almost our turn.

I went with my friend to pick up her new 8 week old puppy today. I was hoping that the breeder would let me peek at the 4 week old litter that our future family member is coming from. I got to look in and snap a couple pictures...they are darling. There are 4 little girls in that whelping box, and one of them will be the best Christmas present ever. I cannot wait!!

Dina with her new man Lycan...he is so handsome! I adore this breed, the more I learn about Dutch Shepherds, the more I can't wait for ours to come home.

Mr. Logan helps socialize the pups, and helps them learn to love kids. He gets a goodbye picture with each one. I love this pic, so cute!

One month to go...come on, hurry up!

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