Thursday, November 6, 2014

My little readers.

I love all the school work the triplets, and Jericho, bring home. These are paintings Xan, Hayden and Lily did after learning about J.M.W. Turner in class. It is hard to pick what stays and what gets recycled, under cover...because of course the kids think it ALL needs to be saved, but these will be staying. Jericho gets to do a lot of stuff in his class too, he is always excited to bring his crafts home and show us what he did that day.

Speaking of art work...this is some of Lily's Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin art work that she did yesterday. She ADORES those old Charlie Brown shows. These will be recycled...but because of the picture I took and shared here, they will live on forever LOL.

More books from the Scholastic school program. New books always prompt a flurry of excitement.

Lily was on a reading marathon, we were 5 books deep and I was getting tired but she wanted to keep going LOL.
I feel a little bad for Haddie and Xander, I think they are noticing she is better at reading than they are right now. Poor Hayden started crying when it was her turn, it is not normal for her to not be the "best" at something...this is hard for her.

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