Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sleep over party!

Today we celebrated Princess Natalia's 7th birthday! The girls and I hung out for dinner, dessert and gifts...there may have been a glass of wine in there too. Then I left so they could have another memorable sleep over with their BFF.

Happy Birthday cutie pie!!

Funny of the day...7 year old Nora was asked to answer the phone hanging on the wall when it started ringing. When Dina said answer that will you, Nora looked right at it and asked "what is it?" LMAO. Parents of the cell phone generation, probably a good idea to teach our kids about the old fashioned wall phone/home phone line...they are not exactly extinct.

The fave part of dinner...yummy!

Such a HAPPY birthday girl!!

Time to sing :)

Some funnies from the last couple of days.... 

 It is pretty well known that myy kids are very sweet, they love to give compliments. Thursday night Xander told me that he loves me, I'm beautiful and I look just like....BeyoncĂ©. 
In other news: we're going to have to recheck his new glasses prescription LOL. 

 On Friday my 6 year olds came home from school singing "whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt" ...oh help me. 

 Jericho in class on silly!

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