Thursday, March 12, 2015

A girl and her chickens.

My kids want to live on a farm, can't say I disagree. They have already been talking about the bunnies and goats they want if we ever live on a farm....hear that dream house on 2 acres, bunnies and goats!!
Today Haddie and I spent a little time with a few of our chickies out in the sunshine.

Elsa is getting bigger, she is the most skittish of our chickens...but mostly she is skittish about the other chickens, not so much people. Silly thing.

One of my faves of the day.

New Jasmine is a bossy thing, she is really getting her stripes in now too, she must think she is hot stuff.

Get over here bird LOL.

Both watching out for a bee.

Luckily Hayden did not get pooped on LOL.

Belle only allowed us a few moments. She is the head honcho of our flock it seems, and the cluckiest of all the girls.

I love this weather...something tells me we are in for a hot summer this year.

I almost cried when I checked on the kids before heading to bed the other night. Miss Hayden...AKA Daddy's Girl, left her Dad this note on the edge of her bed. He has been on back to back doubles and hasn't gotten to see the kids in a couple days, he is missed.

Kitsune got herself stuck in the swing...I tried to leave her there a while but eventually had to go help her get out LOL.

We are trying to weed through junk and get a head start on packing for our upcoming move, I ran into this gem. 14 and at Glamour Shots, is there anything better HAHAHA!

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