Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hula Hayden

It has been a fun Dr. Seuss week at the kids schools. Today Jericho was supposed to have crazy hair.
Nailed it!

He brought home some fun crafts from pre-K too.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride to the park. My kiddos have been pretty on time with most riding and shoe tying are not their strongest area however.

Lovely Lily!

My wild this kid has not broken a bone yet is really beyond me.

I didn't know Miss Haddie was a hula super star...she has some skills for sure!

A little video of her skills!

Kitsune enjoyed the park too!
She is very interested in what is about to happen....

She likes to fly!

Hold on pup!!

She loves this.

We ran the crap out of her too...going to sleep well tonight!

We went to check out a beaver dam before we headed home.

Pretty cool, I had never seen a real one in person before.

My sweet kids picked these from the neighbors yard, with permission, and brought them to me :)

A little vine swinging, or nearly broken branch, before heading in for the evening. What a fun day...I am loving this early spring!

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