Sunday, March 1, 2015

A happier day.

We went and picked up a new Jasmine today, the kids insisted on the same breed and same name. She is cute, I think the Jasmine we had to put down was cuter...and sweeter, but hopefully she will come around. They had some brand new barred rocks, but luckily they also had two left from the same shipment that Elsa and Rapunzel came in they are the same size and I could put them in the same brooder. So now I have 4 that are almost 5 weeks and 3 that are almost 4 weeks...and I am hoping we have no more problems.

The younger chicks got to explore out side for the first time today, they really seemed to enjoy checking things out.
The chicks are getting close to an age where we can tell for sure if they are boys or girls, but with Elsa we already know. Boy Salmon Faverolles feather in black most we know she is a girl.

Like my purple chick? Poor Rapunzel has scratched the back of her neck bald and raw. We have to spray her with Blue-Kote to keep it from getting an also turns the area purple so the other chicks won't notice the wound and peck at it. She is also sporting bandages around her toes until we can get this healed up. No clue why she is scratching I have checked everyone a few times for mites or bugs and everyone is clean...I dusted them anyway just for good measure.

We brought out the less dominate of the older girls to have a meet and great with their younger sisters. They have all been living in the same room so they do get to hear and see each other every day. Aww Anna and Elsa meet again.

I can't believe how fast they grow and change...this was Anna and Elsa just 3 weeks ago...they don't even look like the same birds anymore.

Since the younger babies were doing so well, we decided to bring out the other two older girls as well. To my surprise there was no chasing or pecking or anything. My flock of 7 were quite chill and happy with each other.

Mulan is still a big sweetie, and probably also a girl.

Belle, in the back, is likely also a girl too. It would be so cool if all 7 are actually girls, I mean they are all supposed to be but sexing is not 100%.

After we were done playing with the chickens Xan and I watched The Sound Of Music...he actually paid pretty close attention and made it through 90% of the movie. One down, three to go.

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