Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chicks are not for the faint of heart.

I have never raised chickens before, I really didn't know how much anxiety they would create, or how much poop I would have to deal with. One of our older girls seriously hurt her legs a few days ago. I got her into her own brooder and have been doing whatever I can to try and help her. I pulled Belle through whatever breathing thing she had going on, then got Anna through a bout of cocci....sadly I could not help Jasmine. Thankfully our neighbor was able to put her down for me today, there was no way I could do it but I didn't want her to suffer any longer.

 We all had a good cry, then took the remaining 4 older girls out for a little field trip in the yard.

They are really starting to look like grown ups now...another couple of months and they should be full grown.

A couple of the girls saw this giant worm making its way through the grass. I thought for sure it was a goner.

Lucky for the worm this girls are not quite sure what they are supposed to be doing with tasty morsels like this...he actually got away.

Lily and Hayden love hanging out and watching the chicks explore the back yard. I can't wait until I can get these adorable pooping machines out here for good LOL.

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