Monday, February 16, 2015

Checking on the baby trees.

Another beautiful day, this early spring has been amazing...sadly I don't think it is here to last. We decided to go check on the baby trees we planted 10 months ago. It was actually hard to find them, so many baby trees have popped up since we were there.

Baby trees grow a lot in 10 do kids.

Kitsune is still getting car sick on about half of our drives, today was no exception. She decided she needed a good roll in the grass...she will also be getting a nice bath when we get home.

Kitsune had a blast running around the woods, keeping the kids in sight and exploring. 10 months ago we were here with a then healthy Gangster, we were missing him today.

She turned 4 months old a few days ago, and is going through a bit of a funky growth stage right now. It is pretty common for pups about this age, she should be over it in the next few months.

Jericho...I love this picture of him, so happy and bright.
He cracked us up today. The kiddos are loving school and doing a pretty great job, I think. At lunch today Lily starts doing an alphabet song they sing in Kindy class. She said A, makes ah, B makes buh, C makes....then Jericho broke in with F makes Fart. Lunch got a lot more silly after that LOL

We took a long walk, it was funny watching Kitsune trying to keep us herded. She would run circles around the kids walking out ahead, about 10 feet, then come running and circle around those of us bringing up the rear. I knew we would have one tired pup tonight LOL.

This was cute and caught my eye as we on the move usually don't turn out too great, this one is not so bad.

Our last baby, he is trying to grow up so fast on us.

Lots of walking today, good thing I picked today to join the world of coffee drinkers. Hanging my head in shame, I asked my Facebook friends for recommendations on coffee makers, coffee brands, yummy creamers...the whole shebang. I have talked crap about coffee zombies for years and I think I have to join them. I'm not going to buy anything fancy like the Keurig cup machine and cups until I know if coffee is going to give me what I'm looking for (energy boost and a kick in the butt to get out and do stuff, I have become a hermit over the last 6 years). If this does work for me I will be open to a nicer maker and special coffees. So today I had my first cup of coffee, I picked a vanilla wasn't bad. If you can't beat em, join em LOL.

The youngins kept stopping to try and climb up the hillsides.

They kept trying to 4 by it...the mutt had a slight advantage.

Xander found a big stick...Kitsune wanted to help carry it.

Then she wanted to steal it all for herself.

We are going to have a tired puppy, and tired kids!

5 people walking in the woods.

Kitsune insisted on walking each kid out of the woods. She is quite the little protector already.

Wonderful day...can't wait for more of this once summer gets here.

Kitsune thought she wouldn't puke if she could ride on someone's lap on the way home instead of in her crate. She may not have puked...but she sure got drool everywhere.

Pukey pukerson got a bath right away.

Almost 30 lbs and way too big for the kitchen sink now LOL.

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