Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lets ride!

Today I got to put my new coffee supplies to use. I have to admit I am not loving the coffee yet, it is not horrible...but it does amp up my anxiety more than I expected. I also learned the hard way the other day not to drink any after 4pm...sleep was almost impossible. I'm not throwing in the towel yet, I'm sure there must be an adjustment period, so like any good crack head I need to ride this out LOL.
We headed out to Sand Lake today to meet up with some friends and ride some quads. The kids had a great time, it is awesome that playing in the sand can keep them entertained for hours and hours. We got there around 11:30 and didn't leave until after 5:30, and no one got bored.
The kids had a nice safe blocked off spot to play.

After 5 minutes I ran back to hide in the car, it was a little cold and windy for the first half hour or hair was a mess.
Our friends brought a couple kids, and a couple dogs. Kitsune did really great...didn't take long for her to start trying to boss the bigger dogs LOL.

She had too much fun digging in the sand.
The kiddos got to take a turn on a kiddie quad, they were super excited.

The power was turned way down so it pretty much only putted, but Jason soon realized trying to keep up with them was hard.

That is when "taking the quad for a walk" was invented. The leash helped him keep some control, and have the ability to stop them, without him having to take over steering or gas control. It was so funny to watch.

The kids thought they were hot stuff, riding the quad "all by themselves"...and this worry wart Momma felt they were safe.

Little stud muffin!

By the end of the day we were being hit with "When are we going to buy quads?"

Jericho loved it too, of course he was hammering the gas as much as the thing would let him the whole time LOL.

The girls loved it too, and listened to instructions much better Hahaha.

Look at Bugs a little pro :)

Haddie's turn.

They had so much fun nobody wanted their turn to end. I think we have created little quad monsters.

A summer of sessions like this and they might be ready to graduate to the next leash putting ;)

Jason gave each of the triplets a ride around, a little faster than putting but nothing crazy. The nice thing about Sand Lake is it has a few of these wide open flat areas, perfect for some easy cruising.

After Jason was done giving the kids a ride our friends were nice enough to watch our kids and puppy, loan us their two quads and tell us to go have fun. I had never really been on a solo quad ride before, thankfully it is kind of like riding my motorcycle...and even though that was 10 years ago I still remembered how. There is a learning curve...and I think I will do better and feel more comfortable the more practice time I get, but it went pretty good.

It was hard to go home, I think we all wanted to stay the night and have more fun tomorrow.

Even the dogs had fun LOL.

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