Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Books and a bookshelf makeover.

We had parent teacher conferences today for the triplets, I can't believe there are only about 4 months left in the school year. Their teacher gave each of the kiddos a glowing report.
They are doing great on the 39 sight words the class works on, by this time in the school year they should be able to read at least 18 of them. Xander knows 30 out of 39 sight words, Lily know 36 and Haddie knows 38 of them. The DRA reading goal is to be reading independently at a level 2 by March, Xander is at a 2 right now, Hayden is at a 3 and Lily is at a 4! They all know the 26 letters and sounds, and they can all count to 100 by ones and tens. Way to go you rock!
I know "redshirting" is a hotly debated topic, but it sure worked for us, Xander would not have been at this same level if we had started him last year.

I signed up to volunteer at the book fair after the conference...3 hours flew by.

Good times LOL.

My bookshelf make over got the finishing touch tonight.

I love it!

What a difference.

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Wendy said...

oooh the book shelf looks awesome!!