Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love your people, every day.

We don't go too crazy with Valentine's Day, today I was surprised with a dozen beautiful red roses, a box of chocolatey goodness and a funny card. Today is fun...but be sure to love your people every day.


Hahaha love it!
It was a lovely sunny, dry and warm day today. 50 in Oregon in February...what?!?! The older chicks got to take their first little field trip into the back yard today. They seemed to enjoy it...I was a nervous wreck that they would try to escape on me or I would end up chasing them all over the yard LOL. Thankfully their 10 minutes of exploration went well.

They are almost 3 weeks old, and getting so big and feathered out.

Ariel, my Buff Orpington, is starting to get some buff color in there with her yellow.

They stuck together really well.

Jasmine, the one with the white dot on her head, is a Barred Rock...and so far my sweetest one.

Bell is doing great, breathing looks good and she is probably my heaviest of the chicks. I am so excited for her first egg...hopefully this summer, many Easter Eggers lay blue or green eggs, I hope she is one of them.

Mulan, she is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, is probably my second most friendly one.

Anna had a bout with Coccidia, thank goodness a few days on Solumet fixed her up...and kept the rest from getting ill. She is finally starting to get some darker feathers coming in, she just may be a Barnevelder after all.

They are growing so fast, and now they are all in super poop production mode...I can't wait for them to be able to go outside. I am hoping just another 3 weeks and maybe they will be ready.

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