Friday, February 13, 2015

Friendship parties and a girls day.

The last couple of days counting down to the friendship party today have been loooong LOL.

The kids all exchanged valentine's...they made the bags in class, I think next year the homemade mail box wars will start.

Lily's Valentines hair do turned out super cute...Hayden's got destroyed before I remembered to take a picture.

Everyone got to decorate and eat a yummy cookie.

After school Grandma and Great Aunt Julie came over to have lunch and get some Valentine hugs and kisses in. They always bring such fun things to do and yummy treats too.

After lunch the girls and I headed off for some girl time, while Jason and the boys hung out. We stopped to get our hair did first, we ran out of time so mine will have to be cut another day...Mom's always last and all LOL.

Hayden still has a hard time with brushing if there are any tangles at all...and of course he hair loves nothing more than to get tangles. So she decided to go short again, she was excited...we kept some long bangs, may need to go back and cut those shorter if she doesn't start liking them more.

Lily Bug got a good 5 inches cut off, and added some layers.

What the heck...where did my 6 year olds go?!?!

A couple of cuties.

Next up was pedicures...Hayden and Lily's first ones. They are now fans and think we should do this more often LOL.

Now this is a girls much fun!

The girls have ticklish feet, just like I do, the ladies helping us out had a few laughs.

Hayden's having a hard time with these bangs LOL.

The toes...they got little hearts.

They got their nails painted too. We had such a great time just us girls, we do need to do this more often!

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Wendy said...

Wow, in the after hair cutting pictures, your Hayden looks a LOT like my Lilly! :)