Monday, February 9, 2015

Crafty kind of day.

I woke up in a painting mood today. I tackled getting all the white done on my bookshelf makeover, it took a whole quart of Annie Sloan 'Old White" chalk paint to do two coats of white. It looks really nice with the French Linen.

Second coat drying, the second one always makes things look so much better.
While I painted my hands into carpel tunnel syndrome, Jason helped the girls with a little sewing. They were so excited, they have been after us to use their Christmas gifts since oh about December 26th ;)

They decided to sew a pillow first.

They got the eyes sewed on, then we had to break for the day. They were doing a really good job was so cute!

Almost done!!
The two newbies got to have a short meeting with one of the big girls.

Anna was very nice to Elsa and Rapunzle...though I think Anna is feeling a little under the weather.

It is kind of funny how many chicks from different breeds look so similar as babies but so very different as adults. Anna is a Barnevelder, and Rapunzel is a Welsummer.

You wouldn't think 1 week makes such a size difference, the newbies are still so itty bitty.

Aww Anna and Elsa :)

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