Friday, February 6, 2015

Fill their buckets.*

Have you filled your kids bucket today??
Poor Lily Bug is still having a hard time missing her BFF. She comes home almost every day in a horrible cranky and sad mood. Today was no different. She was being obnoxious hitting her siblings, throwing things, pushing her lunch away, "I hate"ing everything and just being all around disrespectful. We finally had enough and Jason sternly told her to stop or go to her room. We have told her numerous times, but said it again today, that it is OK to be sad and upset but she can't throw tantrums and be mean to her family. She started to cry, Lily is not used to getting in trouble...other than here recently, so her first response is to cry. Hayden looked at Jason and said "You are not filling her bucket"..."you're being a dipper Dad".
This was the first we heard about bucket fillers and bucket dippers, it was very enlightening. The conversation actually got Lily over today's crab fest, and I love the idea. Fill em up!

After lunch we headed out to return some library books and get new ones. Lily was cranky yet again, boy I'm looking forward to her hitting her teens. She wasn't happy about her new books, guess who got home and marathoned through 4 books. She is just obstinate  to be obstinate I think LOL.
Jason surprised us with dinner out, This is required for restaurant dining with one cranky red head and Jericho. Love that boy but he tries my patience like no other.

Food, food usually tames the red beast and makes her happy. These nachos did the trick today. Hayden actually piped up with "Now you are filling her bucket" LOL

The kids have decided what they want all of us to be this Halloween. I'm not sharing yet, but I will give you a hint. While eating this Lily kept saying "Like what's wrong with investigating the nachos?"

For once the girls actually put the boys to shame in the eating category. We got two adult nachos for the boys and girls to share, Xan and Jericho hardly touched theirs...but Hayden and Lily pretty much polished theirs off.

I have no idea where he got this one stuck in his head...but I had to sneak up and get a little video. Too cute!

Time to get that bookshelf done up, Jason was nice enough to give it a slight sanding.

One of my colors, we were going to go with graphite but had a last minute change of heart...everything in our house is espresso colored, I think we made the right call.

First coat on the outer parts done, the insides will be a whitesh color.

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