Friday, January 13, 2017

Cute lil farmers, and ugly farm tasks.

Before I get to the cute lil farmer...I will warn everyone about the ugly farm task. Today was our first attempt to harvest a couple of our meat rabbits. There are pics down below, if you don't want to see them stop after Lily's pictures.

Miss Bug modeled the dress she got for Christmas from her Auntie Stacie...and froze her patootie off.

We switched Heartbreaker back for Hooch...I hope Heidi and Lulu will have Heartbreaker babies this summer! Jason forgot his sunglasses...snowy wet roads are glaringly bright. Hayden shared with Dad LOL.

OK so bunny time. I am the biggest animal lover, never been hunting...never could kill a mouse in a trap...but living out here and doing the farm thing really gives me a whole different perspective. I still haven't done anything with my own two hands, Jason did it all...but I am hoping one day I can. We really are animal lovers, but do understand that meat is from animals. We take solace in the fact that every day of their lives they are well cared for, and treated with kindness and respect. This was our first attempt at processing any type of animal. Some parts went better than minimal tears from me and Hayden (she was the only one that wanted to watch). I did learn a couple valuable lessons.
 1- It always looks so easy on YouTube.
 2- Try not to wait until 7-8 months old...they are more attached to their skin, literally, the older they are.
 3- Proper tools really do make the job go more smoothly.

 We got through two today...good journey Aquaman and Oreo, thank you. Farm Life is an amazing up close view of the circle of really is. There are a number of ways to dispatch..these two being our first time neither Jason or I felt we could be hands on (a lot of breeders like to break the neck) he shot them in the head with a .22 they were killed instantly and humanely...they were enjoying some banana peel.

Before you decide to judge us let me ask...are you a vegetarian? If not, someone is doing this to animals so you can eat them. Most of those animals are raised and killed in pretty ugly situations. I prefer this way myself.

We have some fine tuning to do to make this go better..and faster. The meat needs to be rested for a couple days, then will give it a try, I have never eaten rabbit before. We will also give some to our dog and our pigs. The pelts will get used as well. I have to learn about I will start small, maybe make some bootie inserts to go in slippers, a hat...what I really want is a big blanket. FYI I am not a fur person, I don't own any...but to make use of the whole animal and not waste anything, I will use it to make something. We really believe in raising our own food as much as possible with our limited space and knowledge. Our animals are loved, cared for, and generally treated better than those you find at the grocery store ever were.

Really Kitsune? This kitten watched you nurse on your blanket once..two days ago, and now she does it too. Willow loves Kitsune...this was the first time Kitsune let her lay beside her, probably because she was preoccupied with nursing on her woobie.

Didn't even watch long.

Willow was obviously paying attention. She has been with us for 4 weeks now, never once did this until today. Dang dog, now I will find even more wet spots on the blankets.


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