Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Prep work.

I got busy prepping 4 buns for an upcoming show. I don't plan to do much rabbit showing, beyond the kids in 4H, but I do need my main breeding stock evaluated for type and structure. So we have a show lined up for this coming weekend. Should be interesting.

 My first tattoo victim. Jason won't let me use it on him,..wuss.

Miss Yzma getting a little pedicure and paw wash up.

The little bballers are also busy prepping. All the teams are starting to look better at practice. Second round of games this weekend!

The boys like where the girls practice, they get to climb the rock wall for an hour.

The kids keep us laughing during laundry chores...and I HATE laundry. Silly boys, Xander actually put the bikini on first but wouldn't let me take a picture LOL. Monkey see, monkey do Jericho had no problem with a picture.

Goodnight selfie...Oz man is such a sweet boy. We lucked out with two amazing kittens!

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