Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Diamond snow.

Another snow day off school. It is so beautiful up here. I love my home. I tried to capture how sparkly our snow is...when you look outside it looks like diamonds are mixed in with the snow.

Kitsune is so silly. She loves the snow...she would happily "catch" snowballs all day.

The trio had their first bball practices. Xan got on a great team, very serious...and pretty skilled. Hayden and Lily's team is great for newbie Lily...I'm hoping they will rise up to Hayden's need for serious bballing...she is a bit upset that she isn't on the same team as Xander.

Hayden is so competitive, like you look up the word in the dictionary you will see a picture of Hayden LOL. There were 4 girls on Hayden's new team, including Hayden, that seem to be serious and know anything about basketball. Xander's team is like swat level. She was pretty much in tears. I just told her she can help bring the other girls up, help teach them. Her coach seems pretty serious so hopefully things will get better quickly.

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