Monday, February 6, 2017

Check ups...and no more shots.

Check up for all the kids today. They were very happy to hear that they are all done with shots until they are 11. We did the delayed schedule thing...I think vaccines are important and helpful, but I do not agree with the standard schedule. So we went as our own pace, with our Doctors input and it worked for us. It took longer, they got shots..just 1 or 2 at a time, until they were 6 or so.

Today they measured at... 
Jericho at 6 is a whopping 42.6 lbs and 3ft 10" tall.
(28th% wt 56% ht)

The trio of course are huge....they will be 9 in July. 
Xander 63.2 lbs 4ft 5 1/2" tall (62%wt 78% ht)
Hayden 69.2 lbs 4ft 6" tall (75% wt 85% ht)
Lily bug 59.8 lbs 4ft 4 3/4" tall (47% wt 70th% ht)

We got a little D.Bros to celebrate.

Hayden's BFF came over for a play date today...another snow day with no school. Pizza in the girls room while playing with Cupcake and Twinkie.
Scooter has been getting a lot of use out of his run in.
Kaylee loved playing the snowball game with cray cray.

She is a nut.
Then they threw snowballs at Jericho.
He didn't mind LOL.

One last kitty joined our family. Meet Giles...he is a 6 month old indoor/outdoor kitty. When Oz is ready to start going outside this spring Giles will show him the ropes. He is a big sweetie...but not used to the kid noise level yet. We have private snuggle sessions away from the crazy, today we used Xander's messy room.

Such a sweetheart, but the worst blinker due to the camera flash.
I think he must have some Birman in his a fluffy Siamese looking kitty.
So beautiful.

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