Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nurse Lily.

Oh no...little sickie. Here I was just saying how we had pretty much skipped the germfest this year.
Poor Jericho, it has been like 3 years since his last fever seizure and I still freak when he comes down with a temperature.

Their baby brother is a pesticle like no other. So it warms my heart how they take such good care of him when he is sick. Nurse Lily is on the case.

Of course his "Robot Dog" is right by his side.

Jericho is running Lily ragged right now. Nurse Lily made the mistake kind gesture of giving her sick little brother a whistle, and told him to use it when he needs something. She got him toast this morning. Then she went to school. In the first 40 minutes of her being back home she found his stuffed animal, made him a bagel snack, got him water, got him paper and a pencil, put the pencil back, read him a book...and got his slippers. Oh wait I hear the whistle....wonder how long until she breaks Hahaha.

Snuggling on the couch with my little sickie. Lego Batman Movie is helping Lily catch her breath.

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