Saturday, February 25, 2017

She is good at everything.

Had a lot of fun stuff going on today...first up the boys early morning games.
Basketball is almost over. Jericho is just starting to pay more attention, a do a little better. He says next year he wants to wrestle instead...we shall see.
So stinkin cute!

Nice shot Jericho!

The little dudes actually won their games today...Miss Competitive AKA Hayden Cheyenne, kept score LOL.
Xan won both of his games today too..he also is not sure if he wants to play next year.

I didn't get to see the girls play, but we did get these today! Looking all pro yo in their Bball cute!

8 going on 13. Hayden will be doing some special camps this year...gotta keep our little star advancing.
Lily doesn't yet have that killer instinct that Haddie does, but I do see some potential if she wants to stick with it.
My cute little guy.

After the boys games I took off to pick up Psycho Lyco. My friend had sent him to us last summer, but then had a change of heart so he went back to her. She recently made the choice to send him back to us for good, she really wants him to have a happy energy burning life on the farm. We are all happy to have the big lug back in our home and family. Well, almost all of us. Kitsune pouted a bit on the way home LOL. They love each other, but she also loves to put his annoying horny advances in check, in the form of biting his face off LOL.

I decided since I was out that way, we would go check out herding at Ewe-Topia. Our first date with some sheep went pretty well. Kitsune seems to be a natural, of course she does LOL. The stick and bottle full of rocks (which are used to chase off NORMAL dogs from being too rough on the sheep) did not have the desired effect LOL. You wave a stick in an aggressive manner at a Dutchie that has a little IPO training and it can backfire on you LOL. The bottle of rocks was no better, she grabbed that and crunched it too. Kitsune would not pay much attention to the sheep until the toys herding aids were put away. Once she was focused on the sheep she actually did a really nice job. She is such a little rock star at everything I put in front of her. The lady that was helping us was impressed with her, and thinks she has potential...which I guess is high praise coming from her. 
She has a she was not put off at all by Kitsunes reaction to the stick and rocks.

Lycan did a good job too...not quite as feisty as Kitsune but he had fun.
I can't wait to take them back...IPO might have to wait for a while, this herding stuff is so fun!

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