Monday, April 10, 2017

Poor little man.

My little guy has been fighting something for over a week. Today he spent 3 hours getting bloodwork, an xray and fluids. He is so brave...and more than a little lethargic, so he didn't make a fuss over either of his needle pokes.

Gosh he is smoochable!

It is always such a huge change in this wild kid when something has really knocked him down. Almost never get to see such a chill Jericho.

3 hours in a tiny room with 4 munchkins...I am not sure how I survived LOL.

Jason and I have a running joke, though I am dead serious, anything we need to replace around here I say "let's make it out of pallets". He is not as big a fan, but he is a good sport. My new "towel rack" to hang in the bathroom. Still needs to be stained but I love, thanks Babe!

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