Sunday, April 30, 2017

Scientific Circus.

Another fun kids "play"....'Super Scientific Circus'. It was one of the best yet, learned some cool the sound of a whip crack is actually a sonic boom not the tip hitting anything, and saw some great tricks.
Some games first.

Crafts too.

Izzy's...our new "after play" tradition. Silly kids.

I feel bad that poor Molly is an only child. Hopefully she can hang in for about a month for our next doe that is due to kid so she can have some playmates.

She still knows how to jump around like a crazy girl.

So cute!

Willie and Queen B have been very friendly, I think we will be having August babies wink wink.

Can't wait to see how much color we get.
Still have Honcho up for sale...he really wants a herd of his own.

Crazy daredevil child.

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