Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finally feeling a bit like spring.

WHAT?!?! 80 degrees!!! A beautiful day to work, and play, outside!!
Oh spring I hope you are not toying with my emotions again.
Lycan...such a handsome pain in the butt.

Good day to unload some hay. Sure Babe, I will help just as soon as I am done taking pictures.

The big goat pen is starting to get some new growth finally.
The buck pen...that my buck refuses to stay in, not so much yet.
The kids found this secret sour grass sour grass so yummy.
The kids stop on the way home from the bus stop to pick some for a snack almost every day.
Lycan...he likes big sticks and he can not lie.
Such a goof.
The girls spend some time resting in their shelter.
They are also spending a lot of time trying to eat the baby blackberry leaves.
Lulu, I hope, is our next doe due...fingers crossed for the end of this month. Also fingers crossed for baby girls please!!

Willie and Queen B are going to need to get to work on their wallow soon, summer is coming!

Oh look, all the hay is already, now, now Babe be nice back there LOL.

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