Monday, May 8, 2017

Lil bunny hopefuls.

We have had a rough start with our rabbits this season. Lots of first time moms not doing a good job and losing their litters, and even worse a few escapes with some of our most valuable buns meeting a sad end...thanks to someone who shall remain nameless (cough cough Lycan you asshole LOL). One of those was my new Grand Champion Silver Fox buck (unofficial because I hadn't filed the papers yet). Thankfully I had a seasoned momma give me 7 babies of his yesterday. I think I have 1 more doe that may have gotten bred before he escaped and met his end.
Cute little wigglers, fingers crossed they make it!

Grow babies grow!

Another fireplace visitor.

A girl could get used to this...yup, I'm used to it. Sun don't go away ever again.

4H meeting today. The kids brought something for our group to sell at a bake sale to raise money for their 4H books and fairs. They turned out pretty cute...hand painted pot holders. Now I need them to do a few to keep at home.

I have some faves...Xan's peacock is pretty awesome. Lily's pig, Jericho's sheep are fab too. Hayden's dog and momma chicken with her chick came out really nice also.

Today's funny is all Xander. Oh Xander, someone is going to get a well trained husband some day LOL. The girls put away clean dishes and loaded dirty for a small fee, a quarter each (they are in to making money right now so I have to pace myself or I will be broke). Jericho comes up and tells me he has no money, Xander says that is because he spent it on ice cream. I told Jericho it's OK if he spent it on ice cream, it is his money he can spend it however he wants.
Xander pipes up with "Yeah, until you get a wife." LMAO!!

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