Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Goodbyes suck.

Another lovely day. Everyone is a bit down today...the kids, the grown ups...even the critters. I wish my sis had never moved out of state way back when...though I guess I wouldn't have my adorable nieces. I am hopeful, and impatiently waiting, for them all to move back here.

Jason and Adam did a little Tansy spraying this morning...we are trying to get ahead of it this year and see if it makes a dent.

Scooter is enjoying the new grass growth. We are hoping to get him a gelding friend this summer.

Saying some "See ya laters" to the goats. My crew is already quite sad that their cousins have to go.
Heidi and Lulu are starting to look prego.

Can't wait for their babies!!
Molly is getting huge...she is a crazy thing, always on the go.

We incubated a batch of chicks, I tried to time it so the kids would all get to see them hatch, and they did. We actually had to help 5 late hatchers that got shrink wrapped. They spent 2 days in the bator then we moved them to their bigger outdoor accommodations.

25 chicks to move...shirts are helpful.

Very warm and happy in their borrowed bunny tractor.
I had 1 more litter of miracle baby Silver Fox born today. I was hoping Raven got bred before my Grand Champion buck escaped and got killed. Today she gave me 9 all black babies!!!
So little at a day old.
My other miracle litter are now 2 weeks old...all 7 still with us and looking great!

Baby bunnies can make me smile on a very sad day.

In other gross news...we had to deal with our first tick. Jason and I got it out...but we took Lily in anyway. Probably got it on our hike at Horsetail falls yesterday. It was a deer tick, but per our Pedi we are not in an area really affected by lime disease. Ewww.

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