Thursday, May 25, 2017

Get your shave on.

Did my first body shaves on 4 on my goats today. It is so fun...I find shaving animals totally relaxing. Most of the goats don't seem to mind too much.

Mr. Hooch was really cooperative, and dang he cleans up nice. Jericho and Hayden did a little walking with him...he may have to hit a show or two next year.

Lulu is not looking as pregnant as I hoped now that I can see more of her. I was hoping for babies in a week...don't think it will be quite that soon. This also means I don't think they will be Heartbreaker babies.
I have a feeling Classy is going to have a beautiful udder...she still has 3 months to go and is already looking this good.
My man Hooch...looking good dude.

Lulu and Heidi are first timers...but they are already starting to build their little first freshener udders.

It has been pretty hot lately, whoop whoop summer, I need to shave the other 3...they will probably thank me.

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