Friday, May 26, 2017

Going for a graze.

Oh this glorious weather...don't ever go away! I have been soaking it up every chance I get. Today I took the herd out for a graze around the property. They love helping out mowing the pastures.
Salmon Berry and Blackberry bushes are two of their faves.
Molly is learning to try out different things.

Little baby Lulu...gosh she was cute!
Such a pretty doe...can't wait for babies!

Taboo is hard to get a nice shot of...but I got one today.
Remember baby Heidi? She is all grown up...and got her first body shave. Should be due in July with her first babies.
She has gotten so pretty.

Baby bunnies are doing great. Second litter is still with us...all 9 of them!

The first litter are getting close to weaning.
They are out of the box!
Our little chicks are all growing and feathering out.

Another fireplace visitor.

Pepe is feeling all better, thankfully. This dog is an idjit. He is playing with his squeaky toy...he starts squeaking it and at the same time is talking trash to it. Then he squeaks it a bunch and stops to howl along with the noise. He keeps making himself howl by squeaking it.
"Oh I want to bite you, your squeaking, your squeaking...and I need to howl"
Silly little Pepsqueak.

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