Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lovely evenings.

Beautiful evening for a graze around the property...a little herd patrol. I think we have started up a new routine.

Classy is such a pretty girl...lucky she is cuz she is a huge bully to the other girls. I'm not sure how long I am going to be able to keep her here and tormenting everyone else. She is such a nice girl to people, wish she wasn't such a mean herd Queen.

Lulu and Heidi are getting their first timer udders built. I remember when we were disbudding Lulu and noticed her udder served both white and chocolate milk LOL. The different colors create an optical illusion that one teat is smaller.

Can't wait for these babies.

Heidi is such a pretty girl, Hayden really wants to show her next year.

Been waiting a long time for days like these.

Hello little butterfly.

Close up.

Scooter is loving the new grass.
The mutts got a workout after it cooled down a bit. Thankfully Scooter doesn't mind when they invade his pasture.

They are pretty out of shape from such a long crappy winter.

Baby Molly is getting big.

Miss Hayden enjoyed herding the goats today.

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